Making of Le Pop

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A. Sparrow

10.05.2012 kl.03:32

Oh my God, you guys are silly! What's so funny about God's Great Dust Storm?


10.05.2012 kl.10:01

Well, you could ask the other guys, look at me, Im dead serious throughout the whole thing!:-)

Anne Berlin

10.05.2012 kl.10:22

I love your videos! Now I want to see...MORE! And don't stop filming, no matter how famous and busy you are.

A. Sparrow

10.05.2012 kl.11:38

True! That's an impressive feat of concentration there. Although, Though I do recall a promo video where you were afflicted with the same giggle disease (f***ety, f***ety f***!). Not to mention the marching band escapade.

10.05.2012 kl.16:29

a tourne ?


19.05.2012 kl.16:06

I really like this video, and oh this child is soo cute:)! But I didn't knew that someone of you got a child?!


31.05.2012 kl.13:05

what does 'fahnas' or something mean? You say that quite often!

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