video:demon boot camp

{Wanna learn how to play Demon Kitty Rag on a ukulele?

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Fet, men fattet

27.04.2012 kl.10:44

Can't wait to get home from work :D

Thank you!

Anne Berlin

27.04.2012 kl.11:01

Thank you very much! Great idea.

I got a e-ukulele to my birthday - this is now my incentive to get better. ;)

The bass in "Demon Kitty Rag" is much easier to play. and still sounds beautiful.

By the way: it is exciting to hear YOU sing the song, I really like it!

But I love your voice anyway! Sounds so special.


27.04.2012 kl.11:42

ah, cool. I had already fumbled together part of it, but looks like there were some bits I didn't get. so, "thanks" from me and a whole-hearted "screw you" on behalf of my neighbours. ;-)


27.04.2012 kl.11:51

Thx for this "bootcamp"! This is what I was looking for in the internet for weeks... And now I can learn the original version! Very good explained! I'm very happy - thaaaank you!!! Btw: I also love how YOU sing the song :).


27.04.2012 kl.14:25

Ha Thanks Solveig! Gonna try it as soon as I get home! I'm taking the uke camping and practice :) Love a new song to work on :)

A. Sparrow

27.04.2012 kl.16:05

Thank you for sharing! Of all the songs that you do, I generally use Demon Kitty's chord structure to mess around with on my upright bass. It's fun to walk to and improvise.

The problem is, I can't get the darned song out of my head! It's like its implanted in there or something.


27.04.2012 kl.20:24

Awesome!! I enjoyed it! You are finally teaching us how to play your music ;] Thanks!! And i love your voice and style. Keep doing what you re doing! Hope i can get to see you this year :] -love xx


27.04.2012 kl.21:23

Cool! Now if only I could play...Nah, I'll stick to listening, watching and singing along out of tune :)

Thomas Mrlund

27.04.2012 kl.21:27

Wow! It's so cool that you took the time to do this! Everything so well explained - great fuel for a slightly tried uke ;)


27.04.2012 kl.21:36

YES!!! Finally :D:D I've been hoping to play this one (right) for a long time!! Thanks sol!


27.04.2012 kl.23:29

You are unbelievably awesome!!! Thank you so much. :-D


28.04.2012 kl.03:25

Thanks, I have been thinking about buying a uke for some time (amongst many other instuments). This will be a fun one to learn to play!

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