And nowadays Im inspired by my former hobby, namely: skating. So I had to make a dress that reminded me of my days in the happy, colorful 80ties, skating to a gas station and buying a yoyo! This will be my new stage outfit for the summer.

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Thomas Mrlund

25.04.2012 kl.22:59

Cool :) could skate down for new rubberbands for the paddle ball too... They were awesome :))



26.04.2012 kl.00:51

Reminds me of that song from the 70's "Brand New Key." I remember sitting around a little hand held cassette player my baby sitter would bring over, light a bunch of candles and listen to a bunch of classics, and us kids would get up and dance whenever "Brand New Key" came on. Before that, we had never seen a cassette player, everything was 45's!! :)


13.05.2012 kl.17:41

I just love inline skating! I only have 100mm wheels to go....fast!

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