Right now Im home in my apartment, drinking coffee and writing songs for my band. Whatever comes to my mind, I write, and some of the songs might not even feel right to play in Katzenjammer. I cant create to a certain purpose, I must create, listening to my impulses. Heres my studio.

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Anne Berlin

25.04.2012 kl.23:24

creating, no matter what, is so important to get in the right flow. after a while you think in headlines and you see stories and pictures right in front of your minds eye. varied melodies come and go. catch them all! :) Do you have a songbook where you write down your ideas?


26.04.2012 kl.00:17

Yup, thats right. Catchem all! I have many books. Right now its all about my little green book. I keep it with me wherever I go.

Anne Berlin

26.04.2012 kl.09:27

i would love to see a pic of it! :)

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30, Oslo

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